Are Ceramides Causing Your Weight Gain?

Ceramides are a natural part of every cell. They are a type of lipid or fat that we all have in our cells, and we certainly need ceramide to live healthy lives.

But the problem is that due to the poor eating habits and lifestyles of modern western society, most people have far too many of them, and when ceramides over accumulate in muscle cells, the result is often serious weight gain problems and obesity.  As a consequence, metabolic rate reduces in the muscles and a vicious cycle of spiralling, accelerated weight gain develops.

Various studies (1) have proven high levels of ceramide is a major source of metabolic problems, such as insulin resistance (a major factor in weight gain), heart attacks and strokes (2).

In tests, mice were given a high-fat, high-sugar diet … a perfect storm for weight gain. When researchers inhibited ceramide, even though they were getting fed a dreadful diet, the mice remained resistant to obesity. Scientists couldn’t get them fat and couldn’t make them diabetic!

In humans, perhaps this suggests that there is room to discover novel therapies where we can inhibit the production of ceramide so that muscle cells don’t over-accumulate this potentially dangerous fat. And, in the process, we may discover a new approach to maintaining a healthy body, high metabolic function and much better control our weight.


Recently, a new supplement called “Ikara Lean Belly Juice” has come on the market, that specifically targets excess ceramides and is creating considerable interest due to its effectiveness and efficacy.


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Good Health to You!


Sandra Taylor