200 Classic Cookbooks

200 of the Greatest Cookbooks ever written on 1 DVD ROM

Ever run out of ideas for a great tasting meal or special occasion?

If you find yourself on occasion needing a little inspiration … here are
200 of the finest cook books and recipe books written by some of the greatest cooks,
chef’s and hospitality experts of all time … on one easy to use disk. (Computer use only).

All books are high quality scans of the originals and contain all the original illustrations, colour plates, drawings and photographs. Each book is printable and searchable and in PDF format  … the  disk is therefore compatible with a PC or Mac … but not a tablet or phone.   

In addition to the books, the disk also contains a fine selection of multi media presentations including over 16 hours of video (mp4) and 10 hours of audio(mp3).

  If you would benefit from having this huge library of culinary masterpieces at your fingertips the entire collection can be yours for only …



(plus $8.00 shipping and handling worldwide)

Video Presentation: “The Amazing Mrs Beaton”

Books included in this collection…

  • “Mrs Beeton’s Household Management”
  • An Encyclopedia of Practical Recipes
  • A Guide to Modern Cookery”
  • “The All American Cook Book”
  • “The Chinese Cookbook”
  • “The People’s Home Recipe Book
  • “52 Sunday Dinners”
  • “Food and Flavour”
  • “Smileys Cook Book”


  • “Delicious Dishes”
  • “The Court of Honor Cookbook”
  • “The Golden Rule Cook Book”
  • “The Kitchen Guide”
  • “Practical and Artistic Cookery”
  • “The Helping Hand Cook Book”
  • “The Lakeside Cook Book”
  • “Attractive Menu’s”
  • “The Ideal Cookery Book”



  • “Every Woman’s Cook Book”
  • “Family Living”
  • “My Favourite Recipes”
  • “Principles of Food Preparation”
  • “Queen Esther Cook Book”
  • “Southern Recipes”
  • “Wholesome Cooking”
  • “The Woman’s Favourite Cook Book”
  • … and many more”

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