Food and Diet: A Matter of Life or Death

Obesity is now the greatest threat to the health and well being of the people of the United States along with all the other nations who copy the American way of life. This is not due to any lack of warnings … there have never been so many alerting us to the dangers of an inactive, sedentary lifestyle coupled with the lethal cocktail of a diet saturated with sugar, salt and fat. Why is processed food so popular? Because its cheap … and also tasty and convenient. But despite the warnings, there is little evidence that obese and overweight Americans intend changing their health destroying ways any time soon. Even worse, shocking statistics continue to emerge highlighting the fact that a third of all young children in the US are obese … exasperated by the fact that many do little or no exercise.

Despite the fact that by far the majority of American adults are overweight and obese, incredibly … millions of them are also undernourished!

How can this be possible.

Simply put,despite the incredible array of high quality, healthy nutritious foods that are easily available … most people make a considered and deliberate choice not to eat healthily. They prefer to stuff themselves on a suicidal diet of white bread, cheese and other pasteurized dairy products, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza , French fried potatoes and a whole host range of other poor quality snacks and beverages. The tobacco industry is castigated for selling a bad product that seriously endangers the health and life of the public … and rightly so. But is not unhealthy food doing exactly the same thing … does it not also cause chronic ailments and serious illnesses that ruin and shorten lives? Should not profit orientated food manufacturers who stuff their products with hydrogenated oil (to increase shelf life) e.numbers, mono-sodium glutamate, salt, sugar, fat and a whole host of chemicals and other life threatening ingredients not also be subject to public scrutiny?

But in the face of such clear and present danger, why do most Americans deliberately choose not to eat sensibly? A clear culprit (as already indicated) is the food and drink industry, with their pervasive multimillion dollar marketing campaigns which encourage everyone to enjoy life to the full by eating their (unhealthy) products. A close second, is the leisure industry which often promotes a sedentary lifestyle … compounded by the fact that the hectic work schedules of most people allow little time to shop for and prepare healthy fresh food. Poor nutrition, unhealthy eating and its consequence – obesity, effects everyone … either directly or indirectly. Poor productivity at work and at school, hyperactivity among children and adolescents, mood swings, heightened feelings of stress, isolation and insecurity. With time, the consequences of obesity become even more serious with an overweight adult being vulnerable to depression, diabetes and hypertension … ultimately resulting in increased risk of death in all ages and in almost every ethnic and gender group.

The Surgeon General of the United States recently stated in a report that over 300,000 deaths annually are caused by or related to obesity. The incidence of diabetes alone has increased by over a third since 1990 and treatment costs exceed $100 billion a year. The lost work days caused by illnesses related to obesity are much greater than those caused by any other single ailment and massively increase pharmaceutical and hospital expenditures to alleviate what are essentially untreatable degenerative  conditions.

Medical reports on the subject of nutrition are regularly published and often call for a national effort to raise public awareness of the dangers of obesity. A good example was “The Healthy People Initiative (2010)” which is generally regarded as a positive attempt by the federal government to stem the tide of overweight Americans. The initiative recommended several steps to highlight and reduce through education, many of the chronic diseases which are often a consequence of poor diet and minimal exercise. Helpful dietary guidelines were set out and physical exercise promoted. However its fair to say that even noble attempts to change unhealthy behaviour of the overweight American public have had little impact … they seem determined to resist passionately any  attempts to alter their eating habits. They would much rather have their ears tickled by an obliging dieting industry who continually offer quick fixes through magic cures , pills, supplements, drinks and fad diet plans that simply don’t work … or worse … are fundamentally unsafe and dangerous.

But even when obese people do at least try to control their eating habits, the crazy thing is that after a few set backs many dieters give up! However, unlike most illnesses and diseases … the cure for obesity is widely known. Countless studies involving thousands of participants have proven time and again that the combination of :

Eating Healthy + Eating Less (bad foods) + Exercising more = Consistent Weight Loss.

This simple solution is not however to the liking of the dieting industry who would prefer to bamboozle the public with a plethora of diet books and remedies that have only resulted in a complex and contradictory array of choices and alternatives for those who are desperate to lose weight.

The purpose of this site is to present in a clear and understandable way, a perfectly rational, straightforward and sustainable health and wellness strategy. If you give this program 100% commitment, there is every chance it will work for you!


Food & Dietz .com is a huge resource that features “the best of the best” from the fields of modern nutrition and obesity research.

Information provided by advisory bodies (such as The American Heart Association) tends to be generic and designed for mass consumption. As a consequence, their advice tends to consist of only modest adjustments to our present eating habits. The proposals set out in this site, are designed for those who are looking for breakthrough results and are presented in such a way that you will be excited and motivated, as you quickly witness dramatic results both in terms of weight reduction and health restoration.

You will be reading a lot about processed foods … in particular why we should all avoid them. In contrast, the incredible benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables are strongly emphasized and evidence is provided in abundance to confirm the rich nutrients and phytochemicals that are available in such foods.

However, make no mistake the information presented and the suggestions made on this site will challenge you.

You may be shocked by the dramatic evidence that clearly exposes the disastrous long term impact of the typical American diet.

At the very least, a careful study of the material featured should be a wake up call, a call to action that now is the time to make significant changes in your life … before it is too late. Now is the time to take seriously your Food and Diet and give yourself the best possible chance to enjoy optimal health and well-being.

Go for it!

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