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There’s no denying that things such as getting married or starting your dream job, are big deals.

But few things are as transformative as losing weight especially when it’s a substantial amount.

That’s because for many, their weight defines how they feel about themselves and how others view them.

Our body image dictates how we interact with others, how confident we feel and that impacts how we go about our day-to-day lives.

There are many benefits that come your way once you lose weight and shed those unwanted pounds and reach your ideal weight. There are a number of benefits of losing weight as well as some changes that may seem a little strange at first and that you may have never realized would come along with a new, trimmer figure.

For example, your boss may treat you better after you’ve slimmed down.

Obese people, especially women, make about 2.5 percent less than their normal-weight co-workers according to a study in Health Economics.

Psychologists have discovered that weight and perceived attractiveness both play a big factor when it comes to whether or not someone will land their dream job or get a promotion.

Food will taste better. According to a Stanford University study, overweight people have less taste sensitivity than their slimmer counterparts.

You might be able to take lower doses of your current medications or stop taking certain meds altogether.

Your sex drive will improve. As your BMI dips, you’re more easily aroused and you may also feel less self-conscious in the nude which can increase your desire to get it on!

And you’ll enjoy sex more, too. In a Duke University Medical Center survey, obese people were 25 times more likely to report dissatisfaction with their sex lives than their leaner counterparts. The best news of all? In the study, a mere 10 percent loss of body weight was shown to skyrocket sexual satisfaction.

Slimmer body, smarter brain?


Heavier men and women have poorer cognitive skills than their trimmer counterparts, according to a study published in the journal “Frontiers in Nutrition”.

Your priorities may change.

If going out and drinking used to be what your life revolved around … after losing weight you may find your life is much more balanced.

You’ll sleep better.  Sleep apnea and snoring which are often caused by excess weight around the neck, can vanish with a weight loss of as little as five percent.

So, once you’ve shed some weight you’ll probably sleep better, which can help accelerate your weight loss wins even further!

You may be more relaxed.

While everyone reacts to weight loss different, a more laid back you may just be one of the many perks of your leaner physique!

Your risk of cancer will be lower.

While most people know that things like smoking and getting too much sun can increase their cancer risk, few people realize that obesity is also linked to cancer.

You won’t be as hungry.

If you’re following a healthy nutrient density strategy, you can expect to keep your hunger under wraps while eating less and maintaining your new trimmer body.

You’ll have more spending money.

Those who clock in at a healthy weight spend 42 percent less cash on medical bills and health expenses than their overweight peers, according to a Health Affairs report


You find out who your real friends are.


There’s no denying it … when your body changes, so do your relationships.

Most of your friends will be happy for you … but it’s possible that a few will be jealous and resentful.

People may be nicer to you.


While it’s totally not okay, our society puts so much value on being thin—which is why those who are overweight are discriminated against or treated poorly.


Sad, but true…it seems everyone is nicer to you after you lose weight.

Your energy will skyrocket.

After dropping those pounds, you will soon notice that you have far more energy.

It’s not just the more nutritious food you’re eating, either.

Slimming down has also been shown to improve oxygen efficiency, so you likely won’t get as winded going up
the stairs or looking after your little ones.

You’ll live a longer life.

A leaner you = a longer life.

But hey, you probably already knew that!

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