Food and Diet in the News


Everyday in the media we see news reports that feature the importance of good food and a balanced diet, as well as many shocking news stories regarding the spiralling increase in obesity worldwide and the huge cost this brings … both to health care systems, national governments as well as to individuals.

The rapidly deteriorating quality of the food we eat, (esp processed food) and the poor nutritional value of the fast & junk foods millions eat everyday is another favourite topic in the worlds press.

Time and again, we find the need for high nutritional density in our food consumption being stressed … best obtained from a disciplined high vegetable & fruit based diet, with only very modest use of meat and dairy products.

Here is a small sample of some recent news reports on the subject of Food & Diet that we thought you might find interesting and which support many of the ideas and suggestions that you have read about on this web site.


The Dangers of Obesity



Benefits of Healthy Eating


Diet With Care!


Various Articles

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