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Here you will find all the information you could possibly need about the science and benefits of healthy eating,
presented in a fast flowing, easily understandable style which will empower you to take back control of your body
and enjoy optimum health and vitality

You will be presented with a simple nutritional road map, guiding you to a new life by clearly explaining why we
gain weight, how to lose weight effectively  and very importantly … how to stay thin and healthy.

No high risk fad diets, no pills, fancy supplements … or other “quick fix remedies”
are presented here.

All the recommendations and suggestions featured in this easy to follow program are based purely on the
principles of good nutrition, healthy eating and a balanced approach to regular exercise (optional).

The insights this site will provide could finally rescue you from the never ending ‘Yo-Yo Weight Loss Cycle’
and start getting you what you really want … Real Results!

"But What If ..."

 – You hate dieting and are dreading giving up all the things you love to eat?

– You have always struggled to lose weight in the past?

 – You’ve already tried healthy eating diets and keep losing and regaining the same five pounds?

– You crave desserts and indulge in them too often?

– You’re struggling to figure out what to eat … there seems to be so much conflicting advice out there?

– You’re overwhelmed by the carbs that seem to surround your every move?

– You find yourself giving into “carb temptation” over and over again?


The tools inside the  Food and Dietz .com Membership will solve all of these problems for you.


Learn The Hidden Truth Behind Losing Weight Without Feeling Constantly Hungry and Having to Spend Hours at the Gym performing Tedious Exercise Routines

This isn’t another course on how to do low carb, and it’s not just another membership program.

You’ll have access to a proven system based on carefully researched, documented, scientific methods.


You’ll learn to change the negative, self destructive stories you tell yourself… day after day.

You’ll learn the power of self belief and confidence … and learn to stop throwing obstacles in your own path.


Membership of Food and Dietz .com will help you get the results you desperately want to improve the quality of your life.

Membership of Food and Dietz .com is right for you if …



– You are READY to take action to improve your health and are tired of fad diets that only provide temporary results.

– You suffer from intense cravings and hunger pangs and can’t seem to resist high calorie, high carb foods.

– You feel overwhelmed and confused by the Dieting Guru’s … so much so that you don’t even know where to start.

– You feel pressured by family and friends who don’t understand why you are eating low carb …and you want to know what to say to them to shut them up!

– You’ve tried dozens of different diet programs over the years and never got the long-term results you were looking for.

– You sometimes find yourself on auto-pilot, eating carbs without thinking … and then wonder why you can’t control your weight.

Membership of Food and Dietz .com is NOT right for you if …



– You are only looking for a temporary solution to your overweight/obese situation.


– If you are looking to lose weight for one event and then want to regain it again.


– if your not interested in being the best person you can possibly be … and don’t want to know how to improve and empower yourself to live a long, happy and fulfilled life.

Let's Face the Facts

You already know you have a problem, or you wouldn’t be reading this letter.


You want to lose weight and you think a Low Carb diet could be the answer you’ve been searching for.


But, you have questions …


Is Low Carb a fad diet?


Is Low Carb safe?


And every time you go looking for real answers … you find a different expert questioning the legitimacy of the Low Carb diet … and promoting their own program!


“The Low carb / Nutrient Dense Diet Gave Me My Life Back”



Listen, I’ve been there.


My body was my #1 enemy.


Back in 2007 I was 5 stones overweight, eating junk food constantly and living a crazy lifestyle … working myself to death in a high stress, high pressure job in financial services.


I suffered from extreme fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, pain, inflammation, weight gain.


Plus, I was struggling with anxiety and depression which often led me to eating for comfort.


And then…


Something terrible happened that changed my life forever.


I was rushed into hospital, after collapsing in my office with what seemed like a suspected heart attack.


I knew it was time to make a radical change in my life.


I was sceptical of the low carb diet.


Like you, I could never change my old eating habits … I loved unhealthy food too much!


I felt very uncomfortable about managing my diet carefully in order to achieve a consistent calorie deficit.


Low Carb felt uncomfortable and counterintuitive.


But, I couldn’t argue with the research.


I couldn’t argue with medical doctors and health experts who were seeing incredible results.


Whose patients were using the low carb diet to treat diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease,  Parkinson’s and more.


The Low Carb Diet Worked For Me and It Can Work For You too

“In Under 12 Months I Lost 5 Stones (70 Pounds)”

But in addition I enjoyed:


– Reduced fatigue … my body moved easier and my whole system felt “normal” again.

– Mental Clarity for perhaps the first time in my life

– Freedom from food cravings and feelings of deprivation

– Vastly reduced stress levels … with NO medications!

– Improved mental health… I started having break-throughs as my thoughts became clearer & the brain fog lifted.

– I enjoyed renewed energy to begin tackling my big dreams and live my life the way I wanted to.


When you invest in membership today, you’ll get the keys to ...

– A life at your ideal weight and never look back.

– Regain your energy and vitality so that you can start to really live again.

– Reduced pain and stress … your body just feels good!

– Increased focus and mental clarity so you can think clearly again.


Here’s What’s Included

OK … so here’s what your going to get with the Food and Dietz .com Low Carb Membership Program:


1. A 17 week online masterclass that will discuss in detail each of the “Seventeen Principles of Low Carb Weight Loss Success” and how you can use them to achieve your weight loss goals.



2. Two comprehensive step by step model strategies … the initial 6 Week Strategy and the Life Strategy for continuous and consistent week by week weight loss. Exactly what foods you need to eat at each stage of the process and when to eat them.


3. A comprehensive collection of recipes and meal plans, featuring the foods recommended (in 2 above) and a myriad delicious and different ways to enjoy them.


4. A huge video library that you can access 24/7 featuring a massive collection of professionally produced video presentations including tips and tricks regarding:


– Health, Wellness & Good Nutrition


– Healthy … but easy (optional) exercise plans, if you want to fast track your progress.


PLUS ... if you join us TODAY, I will also be including the following bonuses COMPLETELY FREE ...

Bonus 1. “Super Soups”

Soups are one of the “secret weapons” of weight loss success … tasty, nutritious but best of all LOW CALORIE!

This incredible resource includes 122 full colour, beautifully illustrated recipes, tips and serving suggestions to accommodate every occasion and palate.

($27 value)

Bonus 2. “Keto Smoothies Weight Loss Secrets”

Another very useful weapon in your weight loss arsenal is the humble SMOOTHIE!

Smoothies are easy to make, delicious to drink and packed with vitamins and nutrients and a great way to control hunger pangs.

However to get the maximum benefit from them … you have to prepare them right. “Keto Smoothie Weight Loss Secrets” will show you exactly what you need to do to make fabulous smoothies every time, that not only taste great … but more important … help you lose weight fast.

($17 value)

Bonus 3. “Eat Right, Live Right – The Mediterranean Way”.

An excellent quick start guide showing how you can use elements of the famous “Mediterranean Diet” to transform your metabolism, control your weight and live a healthy, fulfilling life. ($12 value).

Bonus 4. “Delicious Italian Dishes”

Eating in a disciplined way has one major drawback … boredom!

Learn how you can quickly spice up your newly found eating habits with a collection of over 185 delicious low calorie Italian dishes, tips and weight loss tricks ($25 value).

Bonus 5. “Super Foods, Super Delicious”

Superfoods such as broccoli, carrots and blueberries can help you to easily meet your 5 a day fruit and vegetable target, and are free from “bad fats” that can increase your risk of heart disease. In addition, superfoods naturally provide high levels of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

So savour these delicious recipes and move into the nutritional fast lane with superfoods ($27 value).

Bonus 6. “The Ultimate Guide to Detoxing”

Are you new to the idea of detoxing?

We all were at one point or another, but those of us who have discovered its amazing health benefits have never looked back. You may be a detox newbie now, but after reading this guide … you’ll be well on you way to living a toxin – free lifestyle ($37 Value).

Would you agree that if you had ALL of the above resources at your fingertips … you would have  a tried and tested “roadmap to success” and be well on the way to achieving ALL of your weight loss goals AND having a fit and healthy body that you can be proud of … instead of ashamed of?


What would such an investment be worth to you?


The value of the bonuses alone is $145.


What if I told you that if you ACT TODAY and join us at Food and Dietz .com … I’m not going to charge you $145.


I’m only going to charge you $7 per month.


Yes … for that tiny amount you can immediately begin to enjoy Lifetime Membership to FoodandDietz .com with a monthly subscription of only $7 ($1.75 per week) that I promise will never change and will only end should you decide to cancel … which of course you can do at ANY time.


So if you want to lose weight fast and take back control of your health and wellness …


Join us Today!


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Legal Stuff

  • Typical results: members following our program on average, lose 1 -2 lbs. per week.
  • Please note that the information provided on foodanddietz .com  about health and weight loss  should be used only as a guide and should not be the only determining factor. All information provided on including but not limited to information about health, medical conditions, nutrition, weight control and health products, is intended for your general knowledge and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should seek medical care and consult your doctor or pharmacist for any specific health, nutrition, weight control or health product issues. You should also consult your doctor before beginning any weight loss or weight control program. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of information you have read on or on sites linking to or from foodanddietz .com