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How A Suspected Heart Attack Helped Me Achieve My Ideal Weight in Under 12 Months

By Steve Searle


The day I thought it was all over.

Hi, I’m Steve Searle, founder of FoodandDietz .com and I would like to share with you an experience I had a number of years ago which was truly terrifying at the time but completely changed my life for the better and in a remarkable sort of way … probably saved my life!

It was a hot summer morning in 2007. I was working in my office … sitting quite comfortably when suddenly my heart began to pound. I bolted upright as my forehead broke out in sweat. I was sure I was having a heart attack. I grabbed the phone to my assistant manager … “Alison come in quickly … something awful is happening to me”.

I gasped what I thought was my last breath. I felt as if I was going to black out.

It must be said … this was not my first experience of this type.

Once the same feeling came over me at a restaurant as I dined with my family and another while I was in a shopping mall with my wife. The same sensation happened again while I was visiting friends and in a totally relaxed environment. Before long I felt the only place I felt “safe” was at home, in a quiet room or in bed. Gradually I became depressed by this whole situation.

But all those previous experiences were minor in comparison to “the big one” I experienced on that hot summer morning. This one was different. As well as severe chest pains, I felt dizzy … my thoughts were blocked and nothing seemed real. I couldn’t stand up without fearing I would lose my balance. As I tried to communicate my predicament to my staff, I felt I was completely losing my grip on my thoughts and on the conversation I was trying to have. I suddenly found myself in a misty world, unable to think clearly. The dizziness was getting worse … my heart was pounding. I was stumbling over my words … even losing them altogether.

Allison had seen enough … “call an ambulance … I think Steve’s having a heart attack”!

The ambulance arrived quickly and the paramedics spoke reassuringly and administered a strong sedative.

My last moments on earth?

Lying in the ambulance, with the siren blaring on the way to the hospital I felt I was in a surreal world … the last moments of my time on earth? I definitely felt I was going to die. However the paramedics knew better!

They had obviously seen this situation many times before and seemed quietly confident they knew what was happening. The sedative kicked in and I immediately felt much better. I was wheeled off to the cardiology department for urgent checks and tests.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with a total professional and her team … a cardiologist who knew exactly what to do and what to look for. I was given an ECG (electrocardiogram … a medical test that detects heart abnormalities) and incredibly … and to my immense relief I was OK! Blood tests and a lengthy session on a tread mill followed … and again everything seemed normal. So what on earth was going on … what was causing these dreadful experiences?

After all the tests I received my diagnosis from the cardiologist … who calmed me further with her warm and genuine smile. “Well the good news Steve is that you haven’t had a heart attack … in fact your hearts just fine! … at the moment. You’ve almost certainly had a stress or “panic attack” probably caused by the extreme pressure and stress of your job and the long hours you’ve been working recently. However I have a strong suspicion you might be back here soon … under very different circumstances!”

Relief … but important questions unanswered.

Wow … what a relief … but what did she mean?

What “very different circumstances” … and “why was I going to be back soon”?

Before I tell you what happened next, let me share with you a few brief details of how I got myself into this dreadful mess.

A little about me.

After university I spent 28 long years in the financial services industry … Banking to be precise … the last 15 years as a Branch Manager. Stress and pressure are all part of the job in financial management … it goes with the turf … but in 2007 things went totally crazy. The “financial crisis”, began with the collapse of the mortgage market in the USA and eventually developed into an international banking crisis, including most famously the collapse of Lehman Brothers on September 15th, 2008.

As you can imagine, being a Branch Manager of a bank during that period was about as stressful as it gets. The phone(s) were ringing from the moment I walked into the office at 8.00am … and were still ringing at 8.00pm when I was attempting to leave for home. Customers, senior management, my staff … everybody was panicking … and I had to appear calm and collected and “keep it all together”, day after day.

Not surprisingly … my health had begun to suffer. I was 44 … no spring chicken … and to be totally honest, was hardly looking after myself. Long before the crazy days of 2007, my diet was ridiculous … esp at lunch times (which were always “working lunches”) … KFC, McDonalds, fish and fries … and a ton of other high calorie/ high fat “fast foods” that I ate (and enjoyed!) … but were making me seriously overweight … obese in fact, and my body was telling me in no uncertain terms that I needed to change my ways.

Its not that I wanted to be grossly overweight. At this time I was 16 stone … 224 pounds, and for a guy who is only 5 feet, 8 inches … that’s pretty tubby! My wife, my staff … and especially my kids loved to make jokes about how “round” I was … all in good humour … but I knew the situation wasn’t good. I did some exercise … but that wasn’t the real problem … its was the garbage I was eating everyday… and the sheer quantities of it.

But how could I change my ways? I had tried numerous diets and weight loss plans … but none seemed to work for me in the long run. I always seemed to drift back into my old ways. I felt as if I had hit a brick wall … I wanted to lose weight … I knew I had to lose weight … my life depended on it. But nothing seemed to work. What was the answer?

My Cardiologist gives it to me straight!

This brings us back to the cardiologists office, it was by now a hot summer afternoon in June 2007.

“Steve … we have two clear problems here … permission to speak freely?”


“1. Your job is killing you.

2. Your diet is killing you.

If you don’t resolve BOTH … one way or the other your going to cut your life short … and that’s a fact”.

“Yes … I know” I replied “… but I have to make a living … and I have tried so many times to lose weight but nothing
seems to work. Can you offer any suggestions?”

“Regarding your job” … that’s a problem I can’t help you with I’m afraid … I’m a medical professional not an employment guidance councillor. But regarding your weight loss issues … I may have something that could help you greatly”.

I was “all ears”!

A folder that changed my life

“Here is a folder with a “little” research document inside (… little … it was well over 100 pages!) … just a private project I’ve been working on for a few years now. I’m sorry about the quality of the typing and the photocopying isn’t great … but it’s the information inside that counts. Read it carefully and take action on what you learn … action is the key. Knowledge without action is useless … esp when it comes to managing your diet. I think you’ll find it helpful”.

I thanked her for her concern and reassurance, promised I would read her document and I bid her good day.

Over the years many doctors had given me “diet sheets” and “nutritional advice” … but none had really inspired me into taking meaningful action. However this document was different. It had clearly been very carefully researched and was peppered with interesting and informative references with many further reading suggestions.

All in all, it took me well over a month to study the document properly and at the end of this period of intense research, I really felt that I had in my hands something meaningful, something useful and practical that I, and maybe even others too could use in our search for solutions for our deep rooted weight loss problems.

For me this was a true “Eureka moment” … a turning point in my life.

At last I was starting to understand what had previously been an incomprehensible haze to me. But understanding (admittedly now in some detail) why I was so overweight was great … but what I really needed was an effective strategy  to turn this goldmine of facts and information into a simple, practical and workable long term solution to my strongly entrenched weight loss problems.

I set to work on a project which I would eventually call “The Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success” … a project that would take me in total 3 years to complete. I started applying immediately and diligently the principles I had learned and to my utter joy … I achieved my ideal weight within the first 12 months … a total loss of 5 stones (70 pounds)!

My path to the ultimate solution.

Admittedly there was quite a bit of trial and error at first.

I was still to some extent clinging on to old ideas like “calorie counting” … which didn’t work for me because eating smaller quantities of “bad food” helped me achieve short term calorie goals, but eventually the portion sizes would creep back up again and pretty soon I’d be back to square one.

Eliminating all processed food was a little better, as this focussed my mind on the nutritional value of what I was eating … a key factor in effective long term weight loss.

But dabbling with weight loss strategies wasn’t enough … I knew I had to change my eating habits, lifestyle and start applying carefully the suggestions so clearly and meticulously explained in the cardiologists report before I could really start making any real progress.

I set a date, resolved I would initially give the cardiologists “6 week strategy” a go and take it from there. If it was a success I would then adopt her “Lifetime Strategy” as my permanent lifestyle choice when it came to food and diet decisions.

The First Sign of Success

Using the cardiologists report as a foundation, I formulated my own weight loss plan. This was tailored to my individual circumstances and included all the recommendations and meal plans she so strongly advocated. This valuable information was supplemented by the further gems I had had found in the extensive “further reading” suggestions” she had provided me with in the report.

There could be no deviation from the nutrient rich, healthy foods she was recommending … but I could create my own personalized version of it, as there were so many recommended foods to choose from and so many delicious recipes I was eager to try out for myself.

Could this be an effective but enjoyable healthy eating/ dieting program that would work consistently for me? I soon
learned that cheating or compromising resulted in immediate retribution from my body … and the bathroom scales! My body would have just loved to go back to its old ways and eating habits … and at certain times of the day, a pizza would have been oh … so good! But this was mind over stomach . I now knew my weaknesses and armed with my new found knowledge and skills I had all the information and practical suggestions I needed to complete my mission.

But could cold facts alone be enough to fight off those urges and sometimes severe hunger pangs … was more needed to enable me to finally conquer my own indiscipline and weakness?

I soon realized there was a problem!

My teenage daughters had no interest in my "healthy eating strategy"!


After a few weeks and some success I started backsliding. My old ingrained eating habits were never far away … like an ex – smoker who still craves a cigarette. Meal times with my family were especially tough.

They hadn’t bought into my “healthy eating strategy” at all … my teenage kids loved “junk food” and any attempt I made to reform them met with fierce resistance! That was their choice. I was reminded of “the power of influence” … everybody around me was eating “junk”.

And it wasn’t just at home.It was so hard to eat out anywhere without being presented with a menu packed with meals loaded with unhealthy diary products, fat, sugar and salt.

It seemed like a conspiracy to keep me grossly overweight!

The Big Lie

At this point I began to understand that maybe it wasn’t all my fault … that it wasn’t just down to weakness on my part that I’d failed so many times before to lose weight.

The cards were stacked against me. For years, the so called “weight loss guru’s” who I’d trusted had been telling me that this supplement, that recently discovered herb, “this new miracle diet plan” or “magic pill that burns fat while you sleep” … would be the answer to all of the many problems that were keeping me seriously overweight.

Now, I was finally figuring out that the claims these so called “experts” were making, simply weren’t true. When I made this realization I was finally able to break free from the chains I’d let them bind me with … and quickly get the results I desired and deserved.

Two Common Enemies.

Your personal circumstances may be somewhat different to what mine were back then. However, I strongly believe that we both have two common enemies:

1) The food and drink industry who are deliberately loading our food with chemicals (aka “flavour enhancers” & preservatives), sugar, fat and salt.

2) The weight loss industry who are peddling garbage by promoting products they know don’t work for most people. They are like the “shovel sellers” during the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 19th century. Most prospectors lost everything and never found gold … but the people who sold them the shovels made a fortune! Just like the weight loss guru’s of today.

Rapid Growth … At Last!

This was when I realized that the key to successful weight loss depended on me following carefully a formula, a consistent pattern of behaviour involving how I thought, how I spoke and how I acted. My whole mind set had to change. An obscure verse from the Bible had been brought to my attention during my research: ” As a man thinketh, so is he. Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee”. (Prov 23:7 KJV).

When I first heard those words, I thought “what on earth is that all about!” But eventually it started to make sense. We are what we think about. How though does this apply to losing weight? Simply put … we need to start by dramatically changing our thinking habits regarding the food we eat and then be firmly resolved to change our eating behaviours once and for all. Or in a nutshell … we need to train our subconscious mind to accept, desire and want to live by totally healthy lifestyle choices.

Now I am no expert in applied psychology, but I know the answer lay in converting my huge pile of notes and discoveries into a simple strategy that I and others could follow and apply and benefit from.

I set to work and within about a month, a comprehensive but simple strategy was on my desk in my home office. A condensed, thorough, but beautifully simple plan of action … a strategy that I could and would follow every single day … week after week, month after month.

But would it work?

My formula … which I had called “The Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success” was born.

As previously stated, to my joy … it did work for me. I knew now that I was on the cusp of achieving meaningful weight loss success. Nothing too dramatic you understand … 2 to 3 pounds per week at first, but I realised that if I could just stick to this strategy … I would slowly but surely move on to ultimate victory.

Now that I realized the importance of “The Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success” I was determined to carefully manage my entire lifestyle around its strategies and recommendations. I was at last losing weight consistently … and feeling great and more positive than I had done for many,many years. The best part was … I had stopped feeling hungry all the time (… a major problem with other “fad diets” I had tried in the past). Also, I had learned about a huge range of healthy food and drink options that were truly delicious. These were carefully compiled into a vast collection of menu’s and meal plans which I knew worked and were thoroughly enjoyable to eat … incredible foods and food combinations that didn’t make me fat … but rather worked with my body to eliminate fat and build muscle.

As I have already mentioned … by carefully and consistently applying “The Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success“, I was able to lose 5 stones (70 pounds) in a little under 12 months and achieve my ideal weight at the age of 45!

I had proven that “The Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success” worked for me … but would they work for others?

I needed a “willing volunteer” to be my first test case!

From the depths of despair to elation!

Now 2007 was a bad year in the Searle household. Not only was my job driving me crazy with the financial services industry falling apart, and my health beginning to deteriorate rapidly … as discussed at the beginning of this report. But not just mine … my wife Suzanne (who had always enjoyed excellent health) started to experience a range of strange, bizarre and frequently very painful symptoms. Our trusted Doctor who’d been a family friend for many years was convinced Suzanne had developed brain stem cancer … which is terminal. Can you imagine our reaction when he told us this! For about 6 weeks we were both in a state of blind panic … checking insurance policies, making wills, ensuring the rest of the family were aware of the situation and many other stressful but necessary precautions.

However, after about 6 weeks, Suzanne and myself went to see a Neurologist, who by this time had all the test results, X.rays and reports on his desk and was able to make an accurate diagnosis. To our tremendous relief he assured Suzanne she didn’t have cancer of any description … but rather fibromyalgia … a painful but surprisingly common nerve pain disorder. (An estimated 5 million American adults — most of them women suffer with fibromyalgia).

The bad news is … there is no cure for fibromyalgia … only relief from the symptoms, either through drugs (mainly pain relievers and anti depressants which in Suzanne’s case had many side effects), Yoga and Acupuncture (neither of which appealed to my wife) … and strict management of diet.

Now this last option was of considerably more interest to me. How could careful dietary management help reduce the symptoms of a nerve pain disorder like fibromyalgia? Again research was in order and both of us read extensively all the books and internet resources we could find on the subject. To my amazement … most of the dietary recommendations that doctors advocate to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia are exactly the same as those contained in the cardiologists report, which was designed of course to assist overweight people with heart problems and other cardiac issues. Could my work on “The Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success” possibly be used to benefit my own dear wife, and help relieve her suffering?

As you can imagine, we were both enthusiastic to give it a go!

Now it must be said … Suzanne was nowhere near as overweight as I was. Before she started to apply “The Seventeen Principles” she was around 168 pounds (12 stones) … approx 56 pounds overweight for her height. In less than 6 months she was able to lose 56 pounds (4 stones … her goal) at a steady rate of around 2 pounds per week … the rate recommended by doctors for healthy, sustainable weight loss. But far more importantly … she was convinced her fibromyalgia symptoms had been relieved by about 70 %! Yes … it was still a case of good days and bad days, but a massive improvement. She was leading once again, a (nearly) normal way of life.

We were both delighted … and excited by our results … and the benefits we both enjoying because of them.

But there’s more …

The Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success” brought many other “hidden benefits” for both me and Suzanne that we were not expecting.

These included:

– Much better, undisturbed, good quality sleep … very often 8 hours straight through.

– Greatly reduced stress and feelings of anxiety.

– Better relationships … a consequence of feeling great and much more positive about life.

– Feeling and looking younger … what a fabulous feeling to see “double chins”disappearing and “pot-bellies” shrinking!

– More respect from friends, family and work colleagues … many people have battled for years with being seriously overweight and when they see you achieving a goal they crave … the result is generally respect … although sometimes with a little jealousy!

… and there were many more.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Well basically, because I thought it would be helpful to give you some insights into my reasons for creating my web site:

I really wanted to share my experiences and give everyone who feels frustrated by their seeming inability to lose weight effectively, the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits of “The Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success” that I and my wife have enjoyed now for well over 12 years.

Life changing information that took me over 3 years to collect and compile … you can have instantly at the click of a mouse.

The fact that you have been patient enough to read this far, must surely indicate that you too are very interested in learning a life changing, simple but highly effective way to lose weight fast … and safely.

Finding a weight loss strategy that works for you can be a frustrating business!

The Solution – At Last!

The contents on the inside of will save you a ton of time and effort trying to find out which weight loss strategy is the right one for you.”The Seventeen Principles” will work for you, provided you stick to the strategy … which is explained in a beautiful, simple and straight forward way.

The speed of the transformation that the “Seventeen Principles” bring about is breathtaking.

They work particularly well in the early stages … the first 6 weeks. I lost over a stone (14 Lbs) in the first month, and a consistent 2 – 3 Lbs a week thereafter.

So What’s in it For Me?

So what exactly would the benefits be to you, should you decide to join and become a participant in the community?


In a nutshell, they are as follows:


1) I will show you a clear, concise path that will teach you precisely what foods you need to eat so you will lose weight fast, while at the same time turn your body into a fit, healthy, disease resistant powerhouse.


2) Provide you with a clear strategy that will teach you how to quickly increase your intake of high nutrient, healthy food, while at the same time greatly reduce your desire for unhealthy, low nutrient foods so that in a matter of days you will see a huge improvement in your body shape and overall energy levels.


3) Provide all the tools, knowledge, meal plans and guidance that you will need so that your journey to ideal weight, health and fitness is achieved as quickly and as painlessly as possible.


4) Regardless of your current weight and state of health, provide you with a simple and easy to follow system that enables you to finally conquer your cravings and food addictions so you can effectively steer your taste buds toward healthier food choices and improved lifestyle.


5) Discover a system that teaches you how to transform your thinking about health and weight loss, by providing you with a step–by–step strategy for making a complete mind / body makeover so you can  amaze yourself, your family and friends by just how great you look … and in a very short period of time!

Before I show you how you can enjoy all of the above benefits and gain full access to everything FoodandDietz .com has to offer, let me ask you a question.


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Brown Arabesque Pattern Academic Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions


1.”What makes FoodandDietz .com any different from any of the other diet plans and programs I have tried in the past … without success?


Great question … but you really need to take a “that was then … this is now” approach to this.  You really should’t allow your past to control your present and the future . There is every likelihood that previous diets and weight loss plans didn’t fail because of you … but rather they failed because the diets themselves were flawed and did not provide a long term solution.


View TODAY as a “clean slate” a “new beginning“.


I know exactly what its like to be embarrassed by my own body and worse … be made fun of and criticized even by friends and loved ones because of being seriously overweight and obese.


However, the information, resources, high quality advice, techniques, recipes and meal plans that you will receive as a member of foodanddietz .com will be quite unlike anything you’ve tried before. YES … you can stick to this strategy … regardless of any reasons why you may have failed in the past … simply because the reasons why you have been disappointed in the past have been eliminated.


2. “Will the strategies and techniques suggested at FoodandDietz .com be complicated and difficult to follow?


Absolutely not!


If I can achieve my ideal weight and lose weight consistently and safely … and remain at my ideal weight for many years now … anybody can! When you first discover the “Seventeen Principles of Weight Loss Success” you will immediately be saying to yourself … “this is child’s play, its so easy … why did I not think of that before.

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But the end result is worth the effort

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