The Importance of a Positive Mental Attitude

I’m sure this is not the first time you have purchased a weight loss programme in a sincere attempt to finally get control and to start living your life to the full … the life you know you deserve. However, let me say from the outset, the Food and Dietz Plan is far more than just another diet. It involves life style change, good self discipline and getting yourself into the right state of mind from day one. Actions are governed by thoughts … thoughts create reality. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you create within yourself the right mental environment. It is by having a strong desire and working closely to definite and specific goals …that weight loss success will be achieved. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Learn to celebrate the small victories and successes that bring you a step closer to achieving your weight loss goals and improved health and life objectives.


This is however easier said than done. We are bombarded daily by a barrage of media misinformation and hype from a never ending procession of so called “health guru’s” and “experts” … all insisting their unique methods and diet plans are the only real way to lose weight. The fact is any diet will work (in the short term at least) … provided you follow the programme carefully … with no cheating. The problem is almost all “crash diets” inevitable fail … as your body quickly realises what is going on and compensates for its new circumstances! The quickest way to lose weight is certainly NOT by starving yourself.


Very often, a major problem with any weight loss strategy is the fact that your old habits quickly bring you back to the same place … unhealthy, unhappy … and seriously overweight. How can you break free from this never ending cycle of failure and disappointment? The secret is accepting that the time has now come to recognize the need to change your LIFESTYLE and the way you think. LEARN TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Use the power of “auto suggestion” (more on that later) and positive affirmations to convince yourself that you can and will succeed.


Every morning stand in front of a large mirror and repeat the phrase:


Every day, in every way its getting better and better”



.., a technique devised by 19th century French psychologist Emile Coue, a specialist in psychotherapy and self-improvement based on “optimistic autosuggestion”.


Convince yourself that:


– You CAN feel great!

– You CAN change your habits.

– You CAN change the state of your health and weight.

– You CAN sculpture your mind and body and become the best person you can possibly be.



Forget all the past failures, this is a NEW DAY, a new approach, a new beginning. Don’t think for one second you won’t come across “doubting Thomas’s” who will try to undermine and sabotage your efforts … generally out of jealousy and an attempt to make themselves feel better by pulling you down . You will hear comments like “oh … eating like that is no way to live”. Well, feeling bad about yourself all the time , jeopardizing your health, being unable to keep up with your children (or grandchildren) in certain activities, because of your weight is no way to live either. 

Truly believe in you and your new way of life … don’t let ANYBODY tell you otherwise! Free yourself from negative thinking. If you’ve thought before “what’s the use … there’s no point … I’ll only gain the weight back again anyway” … STOP! These type of thoughts are the old you … not the new person, who from this moment on will replace every negative thought with a positive one. Every time you find yourself thinking “I’m going to fail again” immediately eradicate that thought and replace it with “I know that if I don’t give up, make necessary lifestyle changes and change my eating habits, my health will improve and I will lose weight”.

Positive affirmations can be very effective. They get you into the right mind set and help you to feel better … especially  first thing in the morning! The more often you repeat them the better you feel. Try them when your getting ready for work, while your driving, at night before you go to bed and so on. Make no mistake about it, positive affirmations make you feel good and motivated … and in the right frame of mind to stick to your new major life priority … to quickly lose weight and be healthy again!


Here are a few popular ones which many have found helpful:


– “I am a confident, disciplined person and can achieve anything I want”

– “What my mind can conceive and believe, my mind can achieve”
    (Napoleon Hill)

– “Eating fresh, wholesome food makes me look good and feel great”

– “I love my life and view everyday as a blessing”.

Try these affirmations. Soon you will begin to feel real benefits as you start thinking positively about yourself and your life. You will more and more exhibit confident traits and behaviours … that others will notice and respond to! Here’s another great tip. Think about your biggest accomplishment to date:

What did it take to achieve that goal?

Yes … accomplishment does require a great deal of work, commitment and dedication.

Similarly, achieving your health and lifestyle goals will require hard work.

But as you know from experience … the results are certainly worth it!

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