The Key to Successful Weight Management

What do consider your ideal weight to be and how long do you think it would take you to achieve that goal? Just say you thought your ideal weight was 125 pounds and you felt it might take you at least a year to achieve that goal. How would you feel if I told you that by carefully following the advice given in this web site you could lose 5 pounds in the first month or 20 pounds in the first month, which would you prefer? I expect you would pick the latter!

Forget everything that you have ever read previously about dieting and all the other mixed messages you have received that are contradictory and confusing.. If you implement the information provided on this site you will not only see fast, consistent weight loss but also a remarkable improvement in your overall overall health and well being. The Food and Dietz Plan is not only a healthful, scientifically designed diet calculated to supply optimal nutrition, it is also designed to meet the most demanding expectations of those desiring superb health and vitality while they find their ideal weight. For best results the Food and Dietz Plan should be combined with a balanced exercise program, but it can also be used effectively without exercise … although you will find results tend to be slower.

In spite of the $110 million consumers spend every day on diets and weight reduction programs, Americans are the most obese people in history. To be considered obese, more than one third of a persons body must be made up of fat. A whopping 34% of all Americans fall into that category, and the problem is getting worse not better. Unfortunately, most weight loss plans either don’t work or offer only minor, usually temporary benefits. There are plenty of calorie counting diets, diet drugs, high protein programs, canned shakes and other fads that might enable you to lose some weight for a period of time. However, the problem is you cannot stay on these programs forever… and prolonged use of such diets can lead to serious health problems. What’s worse, many are extremely dangerous. For example, high protein diets and other diets rich in animal products have been implicated in much greater risk of colon cancer and recent scientific studies have shown a clear and strong relationship between cancers of the digestive tract, bladder and prostate with low fruit consumption. What good is a diet that lowers your weight but dramatically increases your risk of developing cancer? In addition, because of years of failure in trying to adopt numerous diets, health programs and other dietary management systems, more and more desperate people are turning to high risk drugs and surgical procedures to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Many seriously overweight people say that they simply cannot lose weight, no matter what they do. They are not alone! It is almost universally accepted that most obese people cannot achieve an ideal weight through traditional weight loss programs. In one study of 60 overweight women who enrolled in a university diet and exercise program, none achieved her ideal weight. The Food and Dietz Plan is designed for difficult cases … those who feel they have “tried everything” but still failed to lose any substantial amount of unwanted body fat. By following the dietary advice contained on this site, you will achieve remarkable results regardless of your previous experiences. Weight loss averages fifteen pounds in the first month and ten pounds each month thereafter… which is a healthy balanced amount. (Any plan boasting to help you lose over 2 pounds per week should be viewed with the greatest scepticism). Some people lose as much as a pound a day in the early stages . There is no hunger,and you can eat as much of the right kind of food as you desire, usually much more in terms of volume and quantity than you were eating before.

The whole concept of the Food and Dietz Plan is based on a scientific principle called Nutrient Density. Food supplies us with both nutrients and calories (energy). All calories come from only three basic elements: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Nutrients are derived from non caloric food factors such as vitamins, minerals, fibres and phytochemicals (chemical compounds produced by plants). These non caloric nutrients are vitally important for health. The key to permanent weight loss is to eat predominantly those foods that have a high proportion of nutrients to calories (carbohydrates, fats and proteins). Foods should be viewed as “good” or “bad” depending on how nutritious they are, ie their proportion of nutrients to calories. Once you accept this concept, you are well on the way to consistent and substantial weight loss and improved health. Eating large quantities of high nutrient food is the secret to optimal health and permanent weight control. In fact eating large portions of food is one of the beauties of the Food and Dietz Plan. Because you eat more, you effectively blunt your appetite and you lose weight – permanently. The Food and Dietz Plan does not require any deprivation. In fact you do not have to give up any foods completely. However as you consume larger and larger portions of health supporting, high nutrient foods your appetite for low nutrient foods will decrease and you will gradually lose your cravings for them.

Later in this site you will find a super abundance of menu plans and great tasting recipes that will significantly increase the percentage of high nutrient food in your diet, and you will find excess weight will start dropping off quickly and dramatically. This will motivate you even more to “stick to the plan”! You will be able to lose as much weight as you want … even if previous diets you have tried have never worked for you in the past. This site will allow you to become slimmer, healthier and younger looking. You will embark on an journey that will transform your entire life. Not only will you lose weight, you will sleep better, feel better physically and emotionally and have more energy. You will also lower your chances of developing serious diseases in the future. You will learn why diets haven’t worked for you in the past and why so many popular weight loss plans simply do not meet the scientific criteria for effectiveness and safety. 

You will receive a threefold benefit by remaining a subscriber of this site:

1) Substantial, healthy weight loss in a short period of time.

2) Prevention or reversal of many chronic and life threatening medical conditions.

3) A fuller understanding of food and health that will continue to pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Very few people understand the concept of nutrient density. Understanding this scientific principle and learning to apply it to what you eat is the main focus of this site. By remaining a subscriber to this site and studying carefully the information it provides, you will be able to say “this makes sense!” Week by week you will gradually become a weight loss and nutrition expert and the practical information you receive will help you build a strong foundation of knowledge and purpose that will serve you for the rest of your life.

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